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looking forward to more of this series

Good use of the crayon style instead of the usual "flash motion-tweening" look that people have. Funny short with good animation and voice acting. It's a nice length, not too long or over too soon. Good luck on future eps, I'm looking forward to watching whatever's next in this series.


Hey cool claymation I liked the beatles reference. 25 fps is alot of pictures! What program did you use for the actual picture taking? I do claymation too and I use a freeware program I found called "stop motion animator". You should check it out sometime if you haven't. Good luck on all your videos!

Claego responds:

Thanks I'm glad you liked it. :)

I use a program recomended by Knox called "Monkeyjam" and it works fine (except you have to save and start a new project at like 6135 frames or something but that doesn't really matter) I use a legocam that i got in a special edition lego set a while back called lego studios. the webcam hooks right up to monkeyjam and i can start taking pics right away. I'll watch some of your claymations now

nice job

It reminded me of a spy vs. spy cartoon. Nice job on the different camera angles as well.

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Great job

great program and very useful tools and effects. fun and simple with enough advanced tools to create some really nice artwork. the website dedicated to the game is great too very easy to use and clean looking. I think this site will do well once the word gets out in the artist community.

Nice one!

Fun little game you made here! The mouth graphics look almost monty python-ish and the randomized levels made me want to keep playing to see them all. good work. (4/5)

all I have to say is...

F**kin' A!

p.s. I never give reviews THAT good, really that is all I needed to say!

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Excellent Detail!

It looks really good and instantly reminded me of the Ghostbusters firehall!

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